output:USB Type-C
  • Residual magnetic measurement of machined workpieces,
    demagenetized things and press-formed products.
  • Magnetic flux density control of sanitary magnets
  • Measurement of the characteristics or magnetic materials
  • Confirmation of magnetization level of magnetic materials
  • Magnetic flux density measurement of magnetic tools
  • Inspection and development of AC magnetic applied products, etc.
  • Measurement range is 0-3000.0mT[0-30000G](DC).
  • "REAL" and "PEAK HOLD" values of magnetic flux density are displayed at the same time.
  • The new monitor comes with a light it can be tuned ON and OFF manually.
  • USB cable connection port for digital output is Type C.
  • "Detection Mode":The magnetic flux density measurements range can be set by user.
    And it has a buzzing sound when in range.
    *Buzzing sound is for DC only. AC is not supported.
  • TM-901PRB and TM-901AXL can be used with conventional models
    such as TM-501,TM-601,TM-701,TM-801.

Model TM-901 EXP
Object to detect DC magnetic flux density AC magnetic flux density
Polarities (N,S) 40-500Hz
Unit of measurement mT/G selection
Measurement range 0-3000.0mT
Measjrement moede Measuring range Resolution Indication accuracy
Measurement mode DC x 1 0-2000.0mT 0.1 mT ±(5% of rdg. + 3digit)
Measuring range 200.1-3000.0mT 1 mT ±(5% of rdg. + 10digit)
Resolution DC x 10 0-3000.0mT 0.01 mT ±(3% of rdg. + 5digit)
indication accuracy AC* 0-150.0mT 0.01 mT ±(5% of rdg. + 20digit)
150.1-300.0mT 0.1 mT
300.1-1500.0mT 1 mT
Function Zero reset Polarity judgment
Max. detect value hold Auto power off(Cancellable)
Output Digital output(USB)/Analog output
Indication Detected value Digital
Polarity Alohabets (N/S)
Operation temperature 0±40℃ (104°F)
Power source .Battery:Size AA (1.5V)x4poeces
.External power source 5-6 VDC (AC adapter/USB feed)
Dimensions 143(5.62in)mm high x64(2.51in)mm wide x30(1.41in)mm thick
Mass Approx. 250g(0.62lb) (batteries Á probe included)
Accessories Probe, batteries, carrying case
Optional Axial probe (TM-801 AXL)
Reference magnetic field (TM-SMF,TM-AMF)
*The measuring range is automatically selected.        Note: This meter is not designed for measurement of electromagnetic waves.