Fully automatic discharge type

"Air-cooled type" that uses no cooling oil to reduce environmental burden added to "BST Series"!


A suspended magnetic separator is suspended above a belt conveyor to continuously separate such
magnetic substances as iron pieces and lumps mixed in materials being transported on the conveyor.
This separator is most suitable for removal and collection of iron from such raw materials as slug, ore
and coal and from casting sand, bulky wastes, industrial wastes and ash after waste incineration.
Ideal magnet configuration realized!
Our valuable data based on experience and our pursuit to develop an optimum magnet based on
magnetic field analysis have realized a magnet configuration that exhibits the best separation and
collection performance.
To lengthen the iron piece discharge length, a general practice is to use permanent magnets together,
but our original pole construction has eliminated a need of such magnets.

Selection of the oil-cooed type or the air-cooled type
●For the full-cover specification and for operations where ambient temperature is high or for longhour
operation, select the oil-cooled type.
●For operation in an explosion-proof area or for relatively short-time operation, select the aircooled
type. There are other conditions to consider for selection. Please fill the Selection Data
form at the end of the catalog and send it to our sales office.

All models employ the IE3 motors!
The top runner motors in compliance with the Energy Conversation Act in Japan are used.
A wide variety of models available!
A wide variety of models are available to meet any belt width of belt conveyors. You can find the
optimum model for your specifications. Cross suspension as well as overhead pulley suspension
(parallel suspension) is available. (The corresponding conveyor belt width is the same.)
Can be installed in any environment!
Compared with KANETECfs previous model designs, the overall length and magnet height have been
minimized. BST type: The mass reduced by 30% to 40% and cooling oil amount by 10% to 50%, BST-N:
Since this type does not use cooling oil, the mass and size have been further reduced from those of BST
type. Thus, this model can be installed in any environment and under any conditions of installation.
Easy maintenance for significant reduction in work time and running cost!
As the iron piece discharge belt drive system is directly coupled, such maintenance as chain tension
adjustment and lubrication, which need to be performed periodically with existing products, are no
longer necessary. BST-N type that requires no cooling oil offers running cost reduction and further
reduces the power consumption by the electromagnet by about 20% from that of the oil-cooled type.
Trouble-free, robust magnetic separator!
This highly rated system can be used continuously, day and night. The temperature rise of the
electromagnet is little and its influence on the performance drop is minimal. Also our original pole
construction is designed to reduce belt wear to ensure a long service life.
A wide range of applications!
The robust construction allows this separator to be used outdoors under any conditions of use. It can
be used in a wide range of applications.

Indoor type

A new compact type; one third of the volume of the
conventional unit! Space saving and wall mountable!