Measurement variation expanded.

DG-15-6                  DG-AM-6
Mounted on a magnetic base or High Lock Base to secure a dial gage, etc.
  • φ6 shaft to suit the mounting hole of MB Series upper components. (DG-15-6, DG-AM-6)
  • A larger diameter dial gage such as a liner gage (φ15) can be clamped. (DG-15-6)
  • φ8 and φ6 holes are provided for securing a dial gage in the dovetail groove. (DG-AM-6)
  • φ8 shaft to suit the tip mounting pat of MB-MX and MB-OX to secure the bracket of a dial gage. (DG-X)
<An example of usage>
φ6 stem clamping(DG-AM-6) Dovetail groove clamping(DG-AM-6) φ8 stem clamping(DG-AM-6) Indicator clamping(DG-X)
φ6 stem clamping
Dovetail groove clamping
φ8 stem clamping
Indicator clamping

Model Applicable Base Specification Mass
DG-15-6 MB-series,MX,OX 15 dial gage (linear gage, etc.) 68g / 0.15lb
DG-AM-6 MB-series Dial gage with dovetail groove 49g / 0.11lb
DG-X MB-MX,OX Dial gage with bracket 40g / 0.09lb

Upper components Model DG-6
(Components for mounting dial gage)
Lower components Model MB-CMF
(Components for mounting φ10 sub pole)

Optionally sold when φ4.5 mm mounting hole is required on MB-B, BV, F2 and K.

Upper components with φ4.5/6.6 mm mounting hole.

MB-B (Common with BV/F2)
Model DG-6-B(Mounting diameter φ10)
MB-K (Common with W2S)
Model DG-6-K(Mounting diameter φ12)

An optional unit for mounting one φ10 sub pole in addition to the existing φ10 sub pole.

An application range of magnetic bases is expanded such as holding light weight objects
by, for example, extending the sub pole.
※Depending on measurement conditions, the rigidity may drop. Pay attention to a drop in measurement accuracy.

Applicable models: MB-B, BV, F2
(Sub pole diameter 10 mm)
Model MB-CMF1010