Very small magnetic pole type suitable for small and thin workpieces!


<Newly developed 35-mm
square micro poles >

Chuck controller required additionally


Used for securing workpieces during cutting by milling machines, machining centers, etc.

Compared with conventional permanent electromagnetic chucks for cutting, this
type has higher holding power on small and thin workpieces.
Compared with conventional chucks, the residual holding power has been reduced
to a third maximum.
An original construction is employed to keep the height below 50 mm, thus
realizing thin and light weight chucks.
Electricity is supplied momentarily only when mounting and demounting
workpieces, thus minimal heat is generated and highly precise machining can be
expected. Also electricity is saved.
Can be used in wet operations.
The employment of a quick connector facilitates connection/removal of the cable.


Model Work Face Pole Dimensions Mounting Face Height Mass Electro Chuck Master
W L We Le No.of.Poles P W L1 H
EP-QS3-1732A 165(6.49) 315(23.6) 125(4.92) 245(9.64) 18 35(1.37) 165(6.49) 335(13.1) 45(1.77) 16Kg/35lb EPS-P2100B
EP-QS3-2040A 205(8.07) 400(15.7) 165(6.49) 325(12.7) 32 205(8.07) 420(16.5) 26Kg/57lb
EP-QS3-3060A 295(11.6) 600(23.6) 245(9.64) 525(20.6) 78 295(11.6) 620(24.4) 21Kg/46lb
EP-QS3-4282A 415(16.3) 820(32.2) 365(14.3) 745(29.3) 162 415(16.3) 840(33.0) 50(1.96) 32Kg/70lb EPS-P2100B-2