Highly precise straightening operations realized!

(An example of special fabrication)


Most suitable for precise setting of workpieces including mold bases in the milling sector.

  • The sticks on the chuck attractive face hold workpieces in the natural state.
  • The number of sticks can be increased/decreased according to workpieces.
  • Electricity is supplied momentarily only when mounting and demounting
    workpieces, thus minimal heat is generated and highly precise machining can be expected. Also electricity is saved. In addition, this ACSHIM can be used not only for plate machining, but also for various machining operations that require workpieces to be held for a long time.
  • The elimination of the lid of the stick section facilitates maintenance as there is no need to align the level of the body and the lid when replacing the stick unit.
  • The utilization of T slots enables it to clamp nonferrous or irregular shaped workpieces.
  • The low magnetic force control by the dedicated control unit (EPS-WF275A)
    offers a low attraction function.
  • Can be used in wet operations.
Chuck controller required additionally

A new construction to prevent
occurrence of stick motion
failure due to chips employed.

<An example of securing an aluminum plate
by use of T slots.>
Model Nominal Size Work Face Mounting Face Height Number of Sticks Voltage Mass Dedicated Control Unit
B L B L1 t H
EPZF-WX50100 500(19.6)x
500(19.6) 1000(39.3) 500(19.6) 1020(40.1) 30(1.18) 150(5.90) 40 180 VDC 520kg/1146lb EPS-WF275A
EPZF-WX60100 600(23.6)x
600(23.6) 600(23.6) 48 620kg/1367lb