An alternating field is produced by use of an AC power source on the tip and base of the demagnetizer and it is brought into contact with a workpiece and then moved away from the workpiece, thus reducing the surface magnetic flux density locally. It also works well in local demagnetization of metallic dies/molds and large-size materials.


  • This model produces a strong magnetic field on its tip, which makes this model work well in areas that are difficult to demagnetize by conventional table type and hand type demagnetizers.
  • This model offers powerful demagnetizing performance, yet its holding power is weak and its tip can be applied to small space. This feature makes this model easy to handle.
  • A thermo label is attached to the tip to warn a temperature rise due to frequently repeated use. When the thermo label issues such warning, stop using the demagnetizer until the warning sign goes off.

Model Power Source SourceCapacity Duty Cycle Mass
KMDH-P21 Single-phase
100 VAC 50/60Hz
450VA 20%ED
Within 10 sec.
* 2m cord provided.