A system to enable awide range of precision granding operations whether nonmetallic, resin or ceramic materials.


squareA wide variety of workpieces!

Workpieces of such nonmagnetic materials as plastic, aluminum, stainless steel, ceramic and glass that are difficult to hold during grinding can be held easily. In particular, this system is suitable for small workpieces that cannot be held by magnetic chucks.*1

squareSignificantly improved grinding accuracy!

   Highly precise grinding in the order of micron achievable!

The bonding film that affects grinding accuracy has been made thinner by using
workpiece fixing material newly developed by Kanetec to realize a grinding accuracy in the order of micron. Also it has been made possible to secure workpieces at low temperature close to room temperature and a difference in temperature between securing and releasing has been reduced to significantly reduce thermal impact on workpieces. Wet operations are supported.*2
Adverse influence on accuracy due to warp of workpieces, which is unavoidable when mechanical clamps are used, has been eliminated.
The work face is made of iron in consideration of accuracy stability and wear esistance. The work face accuracy can be recovered by regrinding.

squareEasy installation

The main unit can be installed on the machine by use of T slots. Also since its mounting face is made of iron, it can easily be mounted on your magnetic chuck.

squareCompact controller

The controller measures as small as 450 mm wide x 450 mm deep x 845 mm high and can be installed in any places. It comes with a remote operation box.

*1 Both magnetic and nonmagnetic materials can be secured. In particular, this system is suitable for grinding of cemented carbide, ceramic, stainless steel and aluminum materials. However, it cannot be used with the following workpieces in some cases:
  Workpieces having abrasive-like surface (e.g. plaster)
  Workpieces warped largely (more than 0.5 mm)
  Thin (less than 1.0 mm) workpieces such as stainless steel that tend to be distorted by grinding heat
  Some resins such as Teflon
*2 The wax used with this system is susceptible to impact and therefore cannot be used for cutting as a rule. In dry operations, the temperature of workpieces rises to melt the wax and therefore, it cannot be used.