Patended For the highest work efficiency,a new type of support fixture is introduced!


When up


Suitable for supporting the overhanging portion of workpieces during machining and measurement.

 ▪The support bolt moves up and down as the movable
   bolt is turned. This design enables expansion/contraction
   or up/down movement quickly by one hand.

 ▪Since the support bolt does not rotate, it does not damage
   workpieces when it contacts them.
 ▪The movable/support bolts can be locked simultaneously
   by tightening the knob to enhance the work efficiency.
    ※If the knob is likely to be loosened by vibrations,
     use the included screw.
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【An example of usage】
Supporting the hollow portion during grinding Supporting the overhanging
portion of workpiece
  ▪The use of top and bottom two types of attachments (optional) expands the applications.
【Optional attachments 】
Top workpiece supporter(2 types) Magnets for bottom part mounting(2 types)
V-groove type(KRS-HVM) Spherical type(KRS-HQM) Magnet 2-pole type(KRS-M2) Magnet 4-pole type(KRS-M4)

Measuring round bar by use
of V-groove attachment
A drain is provided on the mating surface with the body of the bottom part mounting magnet to discharge machining liquid that has entered the inside.

The use of the magnet 4-pole type together enables mounting on the vertical face of horizontal machining centers.