For lifting a variety of materials from such nonmagnetic materialsas aluminum,
stainless steel and glass and light-weight thin steel plates!

Suitable for lifting and moving such non-magnetic materials as aluminum, stainless steel and glass that cannot be held by magnet and light-weight thin steel plates.

  • Since the vacuum source and power source are incorporated and no hose or cord is required, this unit can be used in any place desired.
  • This unit is equipped with the lamp & buzzer sound safety feature controlled by a computer to ensure safety during work.
  • The use of vacuum enables it to lift stacked workpieces one by one reliably.
  • An original vacuum pad is employed to minimize distortion of thin workpieces.
    ※ The pad is consumable. The pad alone is also available.
  • The unit can be operated remotely by use of a remote controller. (LVA-RC20 remote control type)
    ※ The remote control type has no buttons to operate at hand.
  • The unit has a handle to protect the body from shocks and to facilitate movement and positioning.
  • Light weight of 14 kg and compact design.
Model Type LiftingCapacity Dimensions Pad Dia. Handle Dia. Working Hours Mass Accessories
LVA-C20 Manual 80kg/
176lb ※1
φ225(8.85) X
φ200(7.87) φ310(12.2) Max.8 hours
LVA-RC20 Remote control Charger,Remote controller
※The lifting capacity is indicated by a value that is a half of the max.holding power . ※2 Working rate 50% ED.